The players below are examples of recordings that we have done for various bands & musicians.  Click the player to hear the recording or click the image to contact the artist.

Thunder Rim is an accomplished musician and composer who recently recorded a full length album with Digital Warmth that is earning global attention.

S.P.E.N.T. recorded with Digital Warmth at ACIR Studios in March of 2011. We accomplished this audio quality with everyone playing at once in this "single room" recording.

In May 2010 Digital Warmth traveled to Virginia to record the band Knuckle in a loft above a barn where they rehearse.  This project also included Photography, Graphic Design & CD Layout by Digital Warmth.

Delorean 88 sent tracks by email to Digital Warmth for remixing.  After working together for a month, Delorean 88 traveled from Florida to record at Digital Warmth.

 The "Samples" player on the Multi-Track Recording page demonstrates various projects and styles that were recorded recently.  Start this player to hear multi-track recordings of live performances.  All recordings are intended as demonstrations of our on-site multi-track recording quality.

stand alone player
Domino Effect recorded themselves. Digital Warmth mixed and mastered the album that went on to the International Top 30 for Independent Recording Artists.

Dr. Phil and the Heartattacks recorded LIVE on stage at The Rail Bar and Lounge in Richland NJ. Digital Warmth tracked 26 channels through three sets.

Verbal Designs hired Digital Warmth to mix & master the Album "Dead FM" by BARZ with E21 in June 2010.  Our services for this project also included Photography, Graphic Design, CD Layout & Duplication.

Landshark Talent Group came to Digital Warmth for the recording of one of their groups called The List.  This recording was done in August 2010 at ACIR Rehearsal Studios.